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So I want to show you guys the behind the scenes/share my experience, working with the incredible: Vivienne Steer!

^^click her name and check her work out^^

First we sat down and discussed my vision, she was amazing and helped so much!
We then looked at what wardrobe I was going to use, again she is incredible and helps you out.

I had 3 looks:

1. The Calvin & Jean Look.

2. The White Shirt & Jean w/Calvin's Look.

*see above for other links^

3. The Tommy Boy Look.

*long sleeve shirt from sports craft / sorry I couldn't find a link*

After I had decided on wardrobe, we started make-up(yes, guys sometimes need a little face too)
I had the amazing Alarna Bell from Kolorz & Klawz, so nice and funny! I didn't feel uncomfortable at all! She listened to what I wanted, and delivered 100%.

I then put on my first look, Vivienne is so good, she will literally tell you exactly where to put your limbs/how to make your face look, so that you don't look awkward. She makes modelling/getting photo's taken so easy and accessible to anyone, I honestly don't have anything negative to say.

Here's the end product of my first look.

I changed into my 2nd look and we took some artificial lighting shots.

I loved the natural light shots, though it was a bit of a gloomy day and it was raining so we decided to stay in and keep shooting with artificial lighting.

Here is my 3rd and final look!

After we had finished shooting, I got changed, took my face off, Vivienne offered me tea&coffee and we then went through all of the photos on her computer, and chose which ones I wanted to keep and which ones I didn't want to keep.

When we had finished deciding, we all starting talking and just laughed for ages! It honestly was one of the best experiences I've had on a shoot, so quick(yet not rushed) and simple and easy. 
So so good! I highly reccomend Vivienne Steer to anyone wanting to update their portfolio, or get some professional shots.

And match that with Kolorz & Klawz and you have one major dream team!

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